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According to Christianity, Jesus subjected himself to torture and death, so that we could have the ‘free gift’ of eternal life … and by ‘free,’ he means, it’s only going to cost you everything you have and everything you are.

Vyckie Garrison, 

Escape from Duggarville: How playing the good Christian housewife almost killed me

My brother is an atheist like me.

He thinks that it’s “rude” if I bring up that I’m an atheist during a religious conversation where the other person is trying to get me to go to their church/convert to their religion.

I don’t think so. Why would it be rude for me to talk about my lack of belief in their religion when they’re the ones shoving their religion down my throat at that moment?

I feel like my brother is one of those atheists who is a religious apologist and I don’t really see the point. religions have done nothing but oppress people and brainwash the populace into not accepting scientific facts. if I can say “i’m an atheist” to a person who’s trying to get me to join their religion, then that’s huge. a small act of rebellion, i guess. Not rude. And honestly, it wastes neither of our times (unless I feel like killing a few brain cells that day).

What do you think? Would you tell someone who is trying to convert you into their religion that you’re an atheist OR would you give another reason?

2 older women who said they came from “bible studies” knocked on my door..i answered…they told me who they were…i straight up said “im actually an atheist” and their faces were like this :o “ohh…..okayyyy…..”
(probably thinking, ‘oh shit she’s the devil incarnate’ or ‘oh this motherfucker thinks she knows everything and she’s like 4’). im like “yeah, i just answered the door because I didn’t want you to keep knocking and waiting, i don’t want to waste either of our times, so yeah, hope you have a good day!” and then they said the same… lmao…oh man..

Met a man who has a masters degree in Biblical Studies
Note to self: see if you can major in the hunger games series

Literally? No. Figuratively? No. Can’t have something that doesn’t exist…

  • near Times Square
  • *guy holding up a 'Follow Jesus. Repent' sign*
  • me: Oooh, is he on Twitter?
  • guy: you gotta let Him into his heart and follow Him.
  • me: but is He on Twitter though???
  • me: *walks away laughing*

What Would Invisible Sky Daddy’s Human Form Do?

Nothing riles me up like how women are treated under Sharia law but very specifically the idea of honor killings.

Don’t even come front about how Islam is the religion of peace.

Fuck your religion. Fuck your God. Fuck you.

Asker imagniary Asks:
God actually didn't make you an atheist believe it or not, I believe He created you and everybody and everything else, but everybody is born a sinner and it is up to them how they live their life, sinner or not etc etc. He can't make you believe in Him but when I was saved my life became ten times better.
yesimatheist yesimatheist Said:

Whoa hold up, if God didn’t make me an atheist then does that mean he is NOT all powerful and all knowing?

You are literally saying that God can’t make me, a mere mortal, believe in him, therefore he is not all powerful. If he can make me believe in him, but chooses not to, then I’m going to hell :( and he’s not all loving, because he could choose to make me believe effortlessly, yet for some reason, he doesn’t.

If neither of these, then he’s not all knowing— he doesn’t know what’s going to happen to me? So I’m the one who’s calling the shots here? then why call him God??? He clearly can’t do shit.

Don’t Christians say that God has a plan for everybody? How can God have a literal “perfect” plan for the universe since its creation and yet i still have free will to live my life however I want?  That makes zero sense as those two statements are the antithesis of each other.