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Christians annoy the shit out me. for a whole myriad of reasons which cannot be explained in one textpost. summary: just everything they claim to stand for.

conservative christians are on a deep level of annoying and dumb so i wont even get into that, because im sure everyone is aware of how stupid these people are.

but even when christians try to make it all secular and progressive and shit. there’s just an air of “look at how amazing i am, arent i great? isnt god great?” feel to them, a self-serving thing. like they deserve a pat in the back if theyre not racist or sexist or homophobic, or otherwise intolerant, because their religion tells them they should be.

like….okay? thanks for being a decent human being? do you realize how hypocritical your religion is? you must.

i just can see straight through it tbh,

and most of my family is christian.

basically i just cant stand anything that screams bullshit.

this is not atheism but one thing i learned in the past year is to never give up your self-worth for a guy. i see this left and right (and im a little guilty of a couple of these). women giving their all for a relationship, giving up their sleep, their hobbies, their studies, their friends, hell even moving to different cities or countries for “looove” while the men dont give a fuck and like having a doormat to control. then, when the guy gets bored and leaves her, the woman is left by herself and with no support system, heartbroken, thinking the guy was the end-all-be-all, and that her life is over.

it’s a sad state of affairs.

You are worth way more than a guy. He’s just…some guy. You’re…everything! 

Respect yourself enough to never change who you are for some random-ass person.

So piece of advice: girl, he’s NOT all that. You are all that. Keep that in mind always.

do u ever just get so annoyed with how dumb and contradicting religious beliefs are and you wanna smash your head into a wall

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I'd prefer not to date a religious person, but I wouldn't reject someone solely because of their religious beliefs.
yesimatheist yesimatheist Said:

interesting! personally, i dont see myself dating a religious person. this can cause many conflicts down the road (with their family, regarding how we raise our kids, traditions, etc) that I would rather avoid.

watching Jesus Camp on netflix. i feel so bad for these kids..

Hey, atheists. yes or no. would you date a religious person?

not gonna lie. atheists who are religious apologists annoy the shit of me -.-

are other fellow atheists ACTUALLY mad about that pew research thing that says 49% of people would not want an atheist to marry into their family??  because personally i think it’s kind of hilarious because i have no plans to ever breed with religious folk lol. that’s a deal breaker for me, i honestly don’t think i could stand a life partner who believed in god/religion.  just a casual show of hands, how many atheists feel this way/dont feel this way???? would you ever marry a religious person? I just don’t think i could do it. 


got two Jehovah’s witnesses at my door this morning. talked for a bit with them, told them i was an atheist, but we kept talking.

im constantly amazed these people exist. standing there in front of them, there were sooo many things i wanted to say to them. it was so surreal.   they didn’t accept the theory of evolution as a fact. (thanks to my anthropology and world history professor, i was able to articulate and rebut their arguments easily). 

after 20 or so minutes, they left. 

they actually made me feel so good about myself! I cannot believe these people are so close minded that they don’t realize their religion is literally repressing their worldview and shunning them from  facts, at the very LEAST. See, I’m like, been there, done that. I’ve been shoved down my throat studied Catholicism, along with a branch of Buddhism and other branches of Christianity. I’ve studied a bit about Judaism, Islam, etc etc etc. I KNOW what’s out there. I choose not to be involved in any of it. it’s an informed choice.

afterwards, i went on a run and to the gym, and i was on cloud 9, knowing that my Sunday was already more productive than these people’s, knowing that my life has meaning without me believing in some invisible sky daddy. the trees looked greener, everything looked so much more beautiful. life is great! I’M STILL FEELING AMAZING!!! so, thank you, random JW peoples.

(one of the many many things I  really wanted to say ‘so if i convert to your religion do you guys get like, cool points when you go to heaven?’ ahh, next time) 

one of my favorite parts about growing up is that most of my friends start to question more and more of their religions and start to see the logical fallacies i myself have seen since i was 8 years old and ahhhhhh feels good to be going into my 20’s with a slightly more aware friend group